Latest! PPI Database Global Report, H1 2018 (5.86MB)

PPI investment in H1 2018, which stood at US$43.5 billion across 164 projects, marked an increase of seven percent from H1 2017 levels, but it is still 13 percent lower than the 10-year H1 average investment level.
Blog: Subtle but significant changes to private infrastructure investment in first half of 2018

PPI investment in IDA countries, 2013-2017 (4215.4 KB)

PPI investments in IDA countries (i.e. countries with less than per capita income of US$1,165) totaled US$7.9 billion across 35 projects in 17 countries in 2017, compared to US$2.9 billion in 2016 across 18 projects in 10 countries.
Blog: New report on private capital for infrastructure in the poorest countries: 2017 a stellar year

Annual PPI Database Global Report, 2017 ( KB)

Investment commitments involving private participation in low and middle-income countries for energy, transport and water infrastructure totaled US$93.3 billion across 305 projects in 2017. While this is a 37 percent increase over 2016 level, it is still the second-lowest level of investment in the past 10 years and is 15 percent lower than the averages of the past five years.
Blog: New data reveals uptick in private investment in 2017 in EMDEs

New! PPI Investment in Low Carbon Infrastructure (2002-H1 2017) ( KB)

After 2010, favorable government policies led to a surge of low-carbon projects. The percentage of low-carbon projects receiving government support grew from 3% before 2010 to 51% afterwards. The distribution of new project investments shifted in favor of low-carbon—prior to 2010, distribution was even, but after 2010, the number of new low-carbon PPI projects (1,915) was more than double that of conventional ones (815).
Blog: Low-carbon infrastructure: an essential solution to climate change?

New! Contribution of Institutional Investors to PPI Investment, 2011-H1 2017 ( KB)

Current levels of institutional investor activity in new infrastructure deals are quite low at only 0.7% of total private participation in infrastructure investment in EMDEs. From 2011 to the first half of 2017, 41 projects received institutional investor contribution.
Blog: Behold the White Knights! Institutional Investor Contribution to EMDE Private Infrastructure Investments at financial close

New! Publications using PPI database now available under "Resources" ( KB)

Over 85 publications draw their analyses from the PPI Database and these have been categorized by sector, region, and themes. With the click of a button, a vast resource of information on infrastructure investments is now accessible to all.
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Energy Sector Note – 2015 (1442.4 KB)
Total investment in energy projects with private participation in 2015 in low- and middle-income countries was US$37.6 billion, 50 percent below the five-year average of US$74.7 billion.
Transport Sector Note – 2015 (853.4 KB)
Total investment in transport projects with private participation in emerging countries in 2015 was US$69.9 billion, 53 percent above the five-year average of US$45.6 billion.
Water Sector Note – 2015 (819.1 KB)
In 2015, total investment in water projects in developing countries was US$4.1 billion, 8% higher than the five-year average of US$3.8 billion (2010-2014).
Sub-Saharan Africa, 2015 (845.5 KB)
In 2015, PPI investment increased by 151%.
East Asia and Pacific, 2015 (855.1 KB)
In 2015, PPI investment decreased by 16%.
Europe and Central Asia, 2015 (885.9 KB)
In 2015, PPI investment increased by 235%.
Latin America and Caribbean, 2015 (818.8 KB)
In 2015, PPI investment decreased by 49%.
Middle East and North Africa, 2015 (854.3 KB)
In 2015, PPI investment decreased by 25%.
South Asia, 2015 (664.1 KB)
In 2015, PPI investment decreased by 9%.
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