Private Participation in Infrastructure Database
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PPI in IDA Countries, 2009 to 2014 (519.1 KB)
Private investment in infrastructure in IDA countries from 2009 to 2014 totaled US$73 billion.
PPI Global Update, 2014 (1312.5 KB)
Total investment in infrastructure for projects with private participation in the energy, transport, and water and sanitation sectors increased 6% to US$107.5 billion in 2014.
Private Participation in Infrastructure Rises (952.7 KB)
During the first half of 2014, private investment for infrastructure projects in developing countries totaled US$51.2 billion, representing a 23 percent increase from the same period in 2013.
Global Update on Transport Sector, 2013 (522.3 KB)
Global PPI in transport decreases by 39% from 2012, India by 85%.
Sub-Saharan Africa, 2012 (495.6 KB)
Private investments in energy sector rise to highest level since 1990.
East Asia and Pacific, 2012 (455.4 KB)
In 2012 private activity increased by 19%.
Europe and Central Asia, 2012 (357.3 KB)
Private investment concentrate in energy and transport sectors.
Latin America and the Caribbean, 2012 (449.5 KB)
Private investment grew by 50 percent and was concentrated in Brazil.
Middle East and North Africa, 2012 (357.4 KB)
Infrastructure recovers from a 20-year low driven by energy sector.
South Asia, 2012 (495.6 KB)
Private infrastructure drop by 20 percent to pre Financial Crisis levels.
Telecom Sector Update: Note 89 (444.7 KB)
Global telecom investments 15% down compared to 2011 levels.
Water & Sewerage Sector Update: Note 88 (451.6 KB)
Private activity in Brazil spurs investments by 50 percent in 2012.
Transport Sector Update: Note 87 (413.5 KB)
Investment in transport increased by 42% in 2012, led by road projects.
Energy Sector Update: Note 86 (747.4 KB)
Investments in energy projects grew by 4 % in 2012.
Australian Sponsors, March 2015 (246.1 KB)
Since 2005, Australian companies have focused on energy projects.
Dutch Sponsors, March 2015 (210 KB)
Energy is the most active sector, and Shell is the most active sponsor.
Korean Sponsors, March 2015 (278.8 KB)
Korean sponsors focus on energy in East Asia and the Pacific.
Norwegian Sponsors, March 2015 (212 KB)
Norwegian companies are active in telecom and energy projects.
Singapore Sponsors, March 2015 (387.6 KB)
Singapore based companies sponsor many water projects in China, but are diversified across telecom, transport and energy projects.
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