Additional Resources / Databases

PPP Infrastructure Resource Center
Topic: Contracts, Laws and Regulation
Publisher: The World Bank

Contains infrastructure-related legal/regulatory information about different infrastructure sectors and countries. Read by over 30,000 people monthly.

PPP Knowledge Lab
Topic: General PPP and country by country information
Publisher: Various MDBs

Contains information on the PPP cycle and by sector, as well as country by country snapshots and a curated library of PPP resources.

World Bank Data
Topic: Social and economic data
Publisher: The World Bank

Contains large amounts of socio-economic data by country and worldwide, including data on access to infrastructure.

The World Bank Logistics Performance Index 2014 -Infrastructure
Topic: Indicator&Ranking &Database
Publisher: The World Bank

The international score uses six key dimensions(including "infrastructure") to benchmark countries' performance and also displays the derived overall LPI index.