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Last data update: June, 2015


Since its creation, the Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Project Database has been the main information source for trends in private participation in infrastructure in developing economies and for a large number of publications. These reading lists contain the publications based primarily on information provided by the PPI Project Database. 
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Key Studies
  Water and sewerage   

Private participation in water: Toward a new generation of projects?
Author: Philippe Marin and Ada Karina Izaguirre
Source: Gridlines No. 14, Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), Sept 2006.
In the water sector of developing countries the investment boom of the late 1990s has been followed by declining investment flows and the cancellation or distress of several high-profile projects. Enthusiasm has been replaced by doubts. But recent data paint a more nuanced picture. Activity in 2005 suggests that private participation in the water sector is entering a new phase. New private activity is focusing on smaller projects, a few countries, and bulk facilities. Contractual arrangements involving utilities are combining private operation with public financing. And new players are entering the market.

Private Water Projects: Investment Flows Up By 36 Percent in 2004
Author: Ada Karina Izaguirre and Catherine Hunt
Source: Public Policy Journal No. 297, the World Bank, July 2005
Drawing on the World Bank's Private Participation in Infrastructure Project Database, this Note reviews developments in the water and sewerage sector of developing countries in 2004 and changes in private participation in the sector since 2001. Data for 2004 show that total investment in water and sewerage projects with private participation amounted to nearly US$2 billion. Recent private activity in water was concentrated in a few countries and focused on treatment plants and smaller projects.

Private Participation in the Water and Sewerage Sector: Recent Trends
Author: Gisele Silva, Nicola Tynan, Yesim Yilmaz
Source: Public Policy Journal No. 147, the World Bank, August 1998.
By the end of 1997, more than US$25 billion was committed to water and sewerage projects with private participation in 35 developing countries. Shows the overwhelming dominance of concession contracts compared with divestitures, greenfield projects, and management contracts, and that there are still only a few international companies sponsoring and operating most contracts.
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